Waffles The Dog

Hello. My name is Waffles the Dog. I am a toy pug who lives with his Mama and Papa. I love my girlfriend Pancakes the Bear. She is so nice. My pal Banjo is a cat. Sometimes I joke with him but he is my best buddy. Notorious the Dog came to us on Christmas. He keeps the cat burglars away. We also have Baby Bear – he’s so tiny! and a family of porcupines.

One of my favorite new things to do is podcasting! Papa and I do riddles all day in his podcast, The Riddles Podcast. Just click on the podcast name or check us out at anchor.fm/riddles!

This is our Instagram page. We are working on adding more to the website including bios, interviews, YouTube videos, and more. Thank you so much for coming by. It means a lot.