Around the House with Waffles

Hello everyone, it’s me, Waffles!

I know it’s been a long time since I said hello.  How are you today?

Reading With Waffles The Dog

I have been doing lots of reading! Mama and Papa are homeschooling me. Papa lets me borrow his glasses so I can see better.

I can read some small books all by myself. I still need to be housetrained, though.

Waffles the Dog - War and Pees.
I was reading War and Peace. Some words sound alike. Whoops!

A New Girlfriend

Mama let me outside our room.

It's a long way down!
It’s a long way down!

I found a bear in a box! I talked to her.  She said her name was Pancakes.  She is very nice and I really like her.

Waffles the Dog and Pancakes the Bear
This is me and Pancakes! Papa took her out of the box for a little while. She makes me happy!

Well, I am getting tired, but it was nice to see you.  I am going to take a nap.  Please visit me again and I will have more stories soon.



Bye bye!
Bye bye!